DC.power supply for electrodeposition (EDP)

/DC.power supply for electrodeposition (EDP)
DC.power supply for electrodeposition (EDP) 2018-02-08T03:03:01+00:00

SA 350V 500A

SA 400V 1200A

Supply in                            380 Volts 3 Phase 50 Hz
Duty cycle                          Continuous Voltage output 12 – 25 Volt  Curent Output 500 – 15,000 Amp.
Mode control                      Constance Volt or current Digital temperature readout

Control                                By remote with wire 10 metres

Process time                      Use digital timer with alarm on end
Coolance                            By fan force cool
Body                                   Rigid can move by crane or floklift
Protection                           Air circuit breaker
Monitor                               Voltage & Current input
Temp readout                     Transformer and diode
Over temperature protected